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4 Adriaen HEGEMAN.  Born on 4 Mar 1685/86 in New Amsterdam, New York (Flatbush, Jamaica, Kings Co., New York). One source has his birth date 14 Mar 1686. Adriaen was baptized in the Reform Church, New Amsterdam on 14 Mar 1685/86. Witnesses were Joost Hegeman, Jacobus Hegeman and Femmetie Rems. Adriaen died in Six-Mile Run, Somerset, New Jersey on 8 Aug 1754; he was 69. Occupation: farmer. Alias/AKA: Adrian/Aaron HAGAMAN.

On 1 May 1713 when Adriaen was 28, he married Maria VAN DER VLIET, in Flatbush, Long Island, New York.5

They had the following children:
i. Hendrick (1713-)
ii. John (1717-1796)
iii. Margarieta (1719-)
iv. Peter (1722-)
v. Simon (1724-1799)
vi. Barnet (1727-)
vii. Jan (1728-)
viii. Jacobus (~1727-1773)
ix. Catherine (~1730-)
2 x. Benjamin (ca.1730-1804)
xi. Thomas (1734-)
xii. Mary (1748-)
xiii. Geertje

The following is the (complete) will of Adrian Hageman as recorded in Somerset County, New Jersey Lib. H, P. 165
Will date: 8 August 1754 Proved 27 July 1762
Shown in New Jersey Archives, Vol. 33, Calendar of Wills, 1761-1770, p. 169

In the name of God Amen, I Adrian Hegeman of Somerset County in the province of New Jersey being in perfect health and sound mind, memory and understanding but considering the uncertainty of this transitory life, publish and declare this my last will and testament in manner and form following. First, I will order and direct that all my just debts and funeral expenses shall be paid out of my personal estate in some convenient time after my decease by my executors herein after named. Item: I give and bequeath my beloved wife Mary one bed, bedstead and all furniture thereunto belonging and so much household furniture to furnish one room and also the annuity or sum of thirty pounds current money of this province at eight shilling per ounce to be paid to her or her assigns yearly by my children, hereinafter named, out of my real and personal estate for and during her natural life, which annuity or yearly sum of money is and shall be in lieu and in full and pretentious to dower. Item: I have heretofore provided for all my sons except my sons Simon and Benjamin by giving them deeds for lands they now possess and enjoy. I now give and devise by this my last will and testament unto my said two sons namely Simon and Benjamin all my plantation or tract of land in Somerset County aforesaid whereon I now live containing in the whole about three hundred and fifty acres equally to be divided between them both as to cleared and woodland that is to say I give and devise unto my said son Simon and his heirs that moiety or equal half part of said tract to be measured or taken of the northeast side thereof adjoining to lands belonging to the heirs of John Fleet, deceased, and to the southeast to adjoin to the highway and also one moiety or half part of said woodland s (being part of said tract) lying to the northwest, to have and to hold the said moiety are equal part of said tract both of cleared and woodlands unto him my said son Simon his heirs and assigns forever, and unto my said son Benjamin and his heirs the other equal moiety or half part of said tract lying towards the southwest adjoining the said highway on the southeast on which my dwelling house and other buildings do stand as also the equal moiety or half part of said woodland to have and to hold the said moiety or equal half part of said tract of land with all the buildings and appurtenances therewith belonging with him my said son Benjamin his heirs and assigns forever. Item: I give and bequeath all my personal estate whatsoever or of what kind or nature soever which I shall be possessed of at the time of my death not before or otherwise disposed of by this my last will unto all my children, namely my sons Hendrick, John, Adrian, Joseph, Simon, Jocobus and Benjamin and my daughter Gertje, married to John Manley, Mary married to Adrian Hegeman, and Catherine married to Samuel Waldron, and if any of my said sons or daughters should then be deceased, to the children of them being dead to be divided amongst them my sons and daughters or their children, as aforesaid share and share alike that is to say the whole to be divided into ten equal parts one of which ten equal parts to each of my said children sons and daughters respectively or (if dead) to their children. And whereas at present sundry of my said sons and sons-in-laws stand indebted to me by their several hands or obligations to wit: John Hegeman by his hand dated the six day of August 1744 conditioned to pay three hundred and fifty pounds current money of this province at 8 S per ounce. Adrian Hegeman by his hand dated the fifteenth day of May 1749 conditioned to pay the sum of one hundred and thirty two pounds eighteen shillings and four pence. Joseph Hegeman by his hand dated the twelth day of March 1754, conditioned to pay one hundred and ninety seven pounds four shillings. Simon Hegeman by his hand dated the ___day of_____1754, conditioned to pay four hundred pounds. Jacobus Hegeman by his hand dated the twentieth day of May 1754 conditioned to pay three hundred pounds. John Manley, my son-in-law by his hand dated the fifteenth day of May 1749 conditioned to pay twelve pounds. Adrian Hegeman, my son-in-law by his hand dated the ___day of ____1754 conditioned to pay the sum of sixty eight pounds nine shillings and three pense and Benjamin Hegeman by his hand dated the ___day of ____1754 conditioned to pay four hundred pounds current money.aforesaid with regard to which several hands it is my intent and will, and I do hereby declare it take my will and pleasure touching and concerning the same that all and every of my sons and sons-in-law shaall have the liberty respectively to choose either to pay the principal sums in the condition of their said hands respectively mentioned or to pay the yearly interest thereof at the rate of seven percent so long only as the same amounts to be equal to or as much as the principal and no longer and that then and in such case)that is whensoever they or any of them shall have paid by way of interest or otherwise as ever equal to the principal) such hand or hands shall be deemed paid and discharged to all intents and purposes and shall be given up and cancelled accordingly and that all such part of said hands as remain unpaid at the time of my decease either with regard to the principal or the interest to the amount of the principal in manner aforesaid shall be accounted as part or parcel of my said personal estate which is to be divided amongst all my said children or grandchildren in the manner above said. Item: I will order and direct all my said children or their heirs executors or administrators shall hear and pay each of them respectively their equal share or proportion of the said annuity or annual sum of thirty pounds to my said wife and it also is my will and pleasure in case if any of my said sons should happen to be disturbed or dispossessed of all or any part of their lands which they now enjoy after my decease that in such case all my said sons shall bear and equal share or proportion of all such loss, cost and damage which they or any of them shall happen to sustain for or by reason thereof. Lastly, I make, constitute and appoint my sons Hendrick, John and Simon executors of this my last will and testament hereby revoking and disallowing all former wills and testaments by me heretofore made allowing and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have herewith put my hand and seal this eighth day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and fifty four. (August 8, 1754. Signed, Sealed, and published and declared by the within named Adrian Hegeman, as for his last will and testament in the presence of us who have subscribed our names as witnesses and in the presence of each other.
                                                            Adrian Hegeman
William Ouke
Henry Bicker
Abraham Meyer

The following is from History of Hunterdon and Somerset Counties, New Jersey, compiled by James P. Snell, 1881:13

[Note: Please read the part about who Benjamin's first and second wives were with caution, as it contains some mistakes. Also, Isaac Hageman did not die in Harlingen as Snell writes below, but rather he removed to Fulton Co., Illinois with his second wife Ellen Voorhees and died there. -- Webmaster]

[p. 804]

       As early as 1703, Dollies, Denice, Adrian, and Jacobus Hageman, grandsons of Aaron* [footnote at bottom of page reads: *Aaron Hageman and Catherine, his wife, came from Holland, resided in New Amsterdam a short time, and then settled at Flatbush in 1661. He died in 1672.] the emigrant, appear to have located at Six-Mile Run and its vicinity. Adrian married Maria, a daughter of John Vleet, whose lands joined his on the north, purchased land, and built a house where John Garretson resides, on the Somerset side of the old path. He had sons---Hendrick, Adrian, Joseph, Simon, Jacobus, and Benjamin---and daughters,---Gaertie, who married John Manley; Mary, Adrian Hageman; and Catherine, Samuel Waldron. He was buried about 300 yards west of his dwelling, along the line between his and the old Stryker property, where his wife, Mary, and others of the family were also buried. In his will, proved July 27, 1762, he left his real estate to his sons Benjamin and Simon,---to Benjamin, the parts on which the buildings were; to Simon, that part where Henry P. Cortelyou now lives.
       Benjamin's first wife's name was Sarah, and they lived on the homestead. His children were Mary, who married Jacob Skillman; Jane, Cornelius Waldron; and Gertrude, John P. Nevius, who removed to Western New York; Adrian, who married Frances Wyckoff and lived and died at Six-Mile Run; Benjamin (2d), who married Lena Garretson, of Middlebush.
       Simon married Ida Suydam and moved to Ohio; William had three wives, and lived and died at Three-Mile Run; Isaac married Maria Van Derveer, and lived and died at Harlingen; Peter married Nancy Suydam, lived, owned, and died on the homestead. He had three children,---Sarah, who lived and died single; Benjamin, who moved to Dayton, Ohio, and married there. He was captain of a rifle company raised in Franklin township, and was a brave officer. He was afterwards appointed major of the Second Battalion, Third Regiment, of Somerset Brigade, commanded by Col. Barcalow.
       Adrian, the first settler, was succeeded on the homestead by his son Benjamin, he by his son Peter, he by Abraham Bodine, he by Hoppock, who enlarged and remodeled the old house, and he by John Garretson, who owns and has resided on the property for about twenty years.
       The farm of ex-Sheriff Voorhees, lying in the rear of the homestead, extending to the Middlebush road, and first settled on by Ryke Suydam, then containing 158 acres, was a part of the original Hageman tract.
In 1766, Simon, the son of Adrian, lived in a house built on his half of the old tract, on the site now occupied by Henry P. Cortelyou. Although singular, nothing further has been traced connected with his family or his children. He was succeeded on the place by Benjamin (2d), son of Benjamin (1st), who married Lena Garretson, of Middlebush, and who resided on it until his death. He was succeeded by Dr. Wilkins, who built a new house thereon; he by Henry P. Cortelyou, now residing on the property, who enlarged the house, improved the outbuildings, and made many other important changes, among which is the large and beautiful lawn with its many green trees, from which it has been very appropriately named "Greenlawn Farm."
       Aaron Hageman came in possession, and owned for a time the rear parts of the tract which extended to the Middlebush road, and built on it. It is now owned by Abraham Voorhees, president of the State Bank, at New Brunswick. Henry Bound owned and lived on a part lying near the middle of the old tract, which has had the following owners: Adrian
(1st), his son Simon, Benjamin (2d), Abraham Voorhees, Henry Bound, and Henry P. Cortelyou, now residing on the homestead part.

5 Maria VAN DER VLIET.  Born before 1690 in Flatbush, Long Island, New York. Maria died after 1740. Alias/AKA: Maria/Marytje Jans /VLIET/FLEET/Van DER VLIET/VANDERVLIET/VANDER VLIET; "Maria Van Fleet" and ; "Maria Vleet" in the baptismal records of her children.

According to Snell, "Adrian married Maria, a daughter of John Vleet, whose lands joined his on the north."13

6 Petrus VAN VOORHEES.5,12  Born on 6 Jan 1712 in Flatlands, Long Island, New York.12 Resided in New Brunswick, New Jersey.12 Petrus died abt 1751; he was 38.

From Elias W. Van Voorhis, A Genealogy of the Van Voorhees Family in America, 1888:12

[p. 339]
[child #] 6. Petrus, b. Jan. 6, 1712, at Flatlands, L. I.; d.           (Letters of Administration on his estate, dated Apr. 3, 1751, granted to his widow Mary, recorded in Office of Secretary of State of New Jersey at Trenton, Liber. E., p. 504); m.           Mary. . . . , b.          ; d.          .
He resided at New Brunswick, N. J.

[Petrus is listed as a child of the following]
[p. 315]
[child #] XVIII: Jan Lucasse Van Voorhees, child of Lucas Stevense Van Voorhees and Catherine Hansen Van Noortstrand, and grandchild of Steven Coerte Van Voorhees, who emigrated from Holland in April, 1660, and settled at Flatlands, L. I.
[p. 316]
bap. Feb. 19, 1675; d.          ; m. 1st, Oct. 10, 1699, Ann, dau. of Jan Teunissen Van Duyckhuysen d Achia or Agatha Stoothoff, bap. Apr. 7, 1677; d. Jan. 5, 1702; m. 2d, Mar. 5, 1704, Mayke R., dau. of Roelof Martense Schenck and Annatie Pieters, b. Jan. 14, 1684; d. Nov. 25, 1736; m. 3d, Jan 25, 1737, Jannetje, dau. of Jacob Remsen and Gertrude Vanderbildt, bap. July 27, 1701; d. Aug. 24, 1747.
He resided first at Flatlands, L. I., and in 1717 at Six Mile Run, Somerset Co., N. J.
Petrus married Mary UNKNOWN12.

They had the following children:
i. Stephen12 (1739-1815)
3 ii. Sarah (~1742-)
iii. Jannetje12 (~1745-)
iv. Peter12 (1750-1823)
v. Marya12
vi. Johannis12 (-1769)

7 Mary UNKNOWN.12

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