Fourth Generation

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8 Hendricus HEGEMAN.  Born in 1649 in Amsterdam, Noord Holland, Netherlands. Hendricus died about 1710 in Flatbush, Long Island, New York. Christened on 13 Apr 1649 in Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands. Immigrated to from Holland with his father. Religion: In 1677 was a member of the Reformed Dutch church of Flatbush.5 Alias/AKA: Hendrick HEGEMAN, Henry HEGMAN. Alias/AKA: Hendrikus Hegeman.5

Bergen has the following entry for Hendricus in Early Settlers, p. 137:
Hendricus (Adriaense), emigrated with his father; b. in Amsterdam; m. Apl. 12 or 26, 1685, Ariaentje Bloodgood, and at the time a resident of N. L. In 1677 was a mem. of the R. D. ch. of Flh, and took the oath of allegiance in Flh in 1687. In 1691 he bought land of Wm Whitt in Ja, as per p. 241 of Lib. A of Con. in off. of clerk of Queens Co. About 1710 with others bought the Harlington tract in Somerset Co., N. J. Issue:--Adriaen of Ja, bp. Mar. 14. 1686, in N. Y.; Joost; Jacobus; Phebe; (sup.) Catharine, m. Sept. 8, 1716, Jan Van Pelt of N. U.; and (sup.) Joseph. Signed his name "Hendrikus Hegeman."
On 12 Apr 1685 Hendricus married Ariaentie BLOODGOOD, in Midwout (Flatbush), New Amsterdam (New York).5 (or April 26).

They had the following children:
4 i. Adriaen (1685-1754)
ii. Catherine
iii. Jacobus
iv. Joost
v. Phebe
vi. Joseph (1687-1741)

9 Ariaentie BLOODGOOD.  Born on 14 Jan 1660 in probably Flushing, Long Island, New York. Christened on 14 Jan 1660 in Flushing, Long Island, New York. Ariaentie died in Flushing, Long Island, New York. Alias/AKA: Ariaentie/Ariantje BLOODGOOD/BLOEDGOEDT.

10 Jan Dirckse VANDER VLIET.5  Born in in the Waal of the Netherlands.5 Religion: Reformed Dutch Church in Flatbush.5 Alias/AKA: Jan Dirkse VAN VLIET, John Vliet.

On 2 Dec 1683 Jan Dirckse married Geertje VERKERK.5

They had the following children:
i. Jan Janse5 (Twin) (~1684-)
ii. Geertje5 (Twin)
iii. Sara Janse
iv. Rebecca5
5 v. Maria (<1690->1740)
vi. Derrick5

The following two entries for the will of Jan Dirckse Vliet were recorded in Somerset County, New Jersey:
1752, June 18. Vleet, John, of Six Mile Run, Somerset Co., yeoman; will of. Wife Grietje. Children--John, Geertje, Simon and Grietje. Real and personal estate. Executors--the wife and Folkert van Noort Strant. Witnesses--Daniel Vleet, Jabish Ashmore, John Michael Sperling. Proved Oct. 2, 1752. Lib. F, P. 67.
1752, Sept. 24. Inventory of real and personal estate (pound sign)820.0.9, made by Adrien Hegeman and Jocobus Williamson. Includes "200 acres of land, (pound sign) 600."

1722, Dec. 1. Vleit, John, of Six Mile Run, Somerset Co., yeoman; will of. Wife Geertie. Children--John, of Ten-Mile Run, brewer; Geertye (wife of Simon Wyckoff), Sarah, Rebecca, Maria (wife of Adrian Hegeman), Derrick, dec'd. who left a daughter, Dirrickje. Lot No. 6, 500 acres, bought of Theodore Polhemius, Sr., of Jamaica, L. I. on the road from Inions Ferry to Delaware Falls. Personal property, incl. negro slaves. Executors--son John and son-in-law, Simon Wickoff. Witnesses--Francis Harrison, Dirck van Aersdalen, Frederick van Leewes (Liew). Proved May 30, 1754. Lib. F, p. 178.

Bergen has the following entry for Jan Dirckse in Early Settlers, p. 326:5
Jan Dirckse of Flh, b. in the Waal of the Netherlands; m. Dec. 2, 1683, Geertje Verkerk from Buurmalzen in Gelderland, dau. of Jan Janse Verkerk. Resided in N. L., taking the oath of allegiance in Flh in 1687, being at the time a mem. of the R. D. ch. of the same place. On ass. rolls of Flh of 1683 and '93, and patent of 1685. Oct. 30, 1684, he bought of Joost Casparse lot No. 8 in the new lotts of Flh, as per p. 176 of Lib. C of Flh rec. Issue:--Jan Janse of Six Mile Run, bp. Oct. 3, 1684, in Brn; Geertje, (twin) bp. Oct. 3, 1684; Rebecca, m. Adriaen ten Eck of Newtown; Sarah, bp. Nov. 14, 1694, m. Joseph Hegeman of Flh; and Elsje, bp. May 19, 1702. Signed his name "Jan Dircksen Vander Vlidt."
11 Geertje VERKERK.  Born in 1655 in Buurmalzen in Gelderland.5 Immigrated in 1663 to America with her father. Alias/AKA: Geertie Verkerk, GEERTJE VERKERCK.

The following is the will of Geertje (Verkerk) Vliet, as recorded in Somerset County, New Jersey:
1744. Oct. 12. Fleet (Vliet), Geertie, of Six Mile Run, Somerset Co., (relict of John Fleet, late of said place); will of. All real and personal estate to grandson, John Fleet, of said place, yeoman. Daughter Maritie (wife of Adrian Hageman, of same place, yeoman);Geertie (wife of Simon Wyckoff, of said place, yeoman); Rebecca (widow of Adrian Ten Eyk, late of Reading's Town in Hunterdon Co.); Sarah (wife of Johannes Voorhees at the Fish Kills in Dutchess County, N. Y.). Grand-daughter, Dircktie, (wife of Theodorus Snedeker of Kackiat, Orange Co., N. Y.). Executor--Simon Wyckoff; Witnesses--William Williamson, Laurens Vankleef, Joseph Vankleef.
Proved 6 Oct. 1750.                               Lib. E, p. 455.
The following is from Bergen's Register of the Early Settlers of Kings County, Long Island New York, p. 370:5
"...b. 1655; Geartie, emigrated with her father in 1663, m. 1st Hendrick Janse, m. 2d Jan Dirkse Van Vliet..."
12 John Lucassen VAN VOORHEES.5  Born on 19 Feb 1675.5 John Lucassen was baptized on 19 Feb 1675.5 Resided in near Six Mile Run, N. J. in 1717.5 Alias/AKA: Jan Lucasse/Jan Luycase Van Voorhees.5

Bergen has the following entry for Jan Lucasse in Early Settlers:5
[Page 378]

Jan Lucasse of Flds, b. Feb. 19, 1675; m. 1st, Oct. 10, 1699, Ann Van Duyckhuysen; m. 2d, Mar. 5, 1704, Mayke or Sara R. Schenck. In 1717 he appears to have resided near Six Mile Run, N. J. Issue:--Johannes Lucasse, b. July 19, 1700, m. Jannetje Remsen and settled at Piscataway, N. J.; Lucas of Flds, b. Sept. 15, 1705, m. 1st Altje Ryder, m. 2d Catrina Staat; Roelof of Flds, b. Aug. 19, 1707; Stephen of Flds, b. Oct. 23, 1753, m. Maria Leak; Antie; Petrus; Marten; Isaac, bp. Mar. 21, 1716, m. Sara (???); Catlyntje, b. June 8, 1718, (sup.) m. Simon Van Arsdalen; Garret of N. J., b. Sept. 6, 1720, (sup.) m. Johanna Van Harlington; Abraham of Flds,
[Page 379]
b. June 8, 1724, m. Adrianna Lefferts, and was the ancestor of the present Voorhees family of Flds; Sarah, b. Oct. 18, 1727; and Maria, b. Apl. 5, 1731.

On 5 Mar 1704 when John Lucassen was 29, he married Mayken Roelofse SCHENCK.5

They had the following children:
i. Lucas5 (1705-)
ii. Roelof5 (1707-)
iii. Stephen5 (1713-)
iv. Antie5
6 v. Petrus (1712-~1751)
vi. Marten5
vii. Isaac5 (~1716-)
viii. Catlyntje5 (1718-)
ix. Garret5 (1720-)
x. Abraham5 (1724-)
xi. Sarah5 (1727-)
xii. Maria5 (1731-)

13 Mayken Roelofse SCHENCK.5  Born on 14 Jan 1684.5 Mayken Roelofse died on 25 Nov 1736; she was 52.5 Alias/AKA: Mayke or Sara R.5

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