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16 Adriaen HEGEMAN.  Born in 1623/1624 in Elburg, Gelderland, Netherlands. Adriaen died about 1 Apr 1672 in Midwout--Flatbush, Long Island, New York. Immigrated in 1652 to Emigrated from Amsterdam, Holland to New Amsterdam and lived there for a time. Made a purchase in 1661 in Purchased 118 acres of land in Flatbush. Occupation: silk merchant, schepen (judge), auctioneer, administrator, and farmer. Religion: Dutch Reform Church. Alias/AKA: Adrien Hageman.

Bergen has the following entry for Adriaen in Early Settlers, p. 135:5
Adriaen, the common ancestor of the family, emigrated about 1650 or '51 from Amsterdam; m. Catharine (???); d. Apl. 1672. About 1653 he resided in N. A., and Apl. 25, 1661, he obtained a patent for 50 morgens, with plain and meadow land in addition, in Flh, to which he removed. This patent is entered Feb. 2, 1670, on p. 2 of Lib. A of Flh rec. as a double lot on the E. side of the road, to the N. of land of Willem Jacobse (Van Boerum), and to the S. of that of Jan Seubringh, stretching W., a little southerly; broad 50 rods and 1 ft.; in length 600 rods; containing 50 morgens and 60 rods: 2 pieces of salt meadows, the one No. 12, broad 8 rods, containing 2 morgens; the other No. 4, broad 12 rods, cong. 3 morgens, stretching from the woods southerly to the sea: and 2 pieces of plain land, Nos. 24 and 25, broad taken together 48 rods 4 ft., stretching southerly from the road to the woods, cong. 5 morgens. Of this patent his heirs, Aug. 26, 1693, after his death conveyed, as per p. 200 of Lib. A of Flh rec. (on which page the patent is entered) a piece of 37 1/2 rods broad and 600 rods in length, cong. 37 1/2 morgens, to his s. Abraham. He also appears to have obtained a patent for another plantation of 24 morgens in Flh. He was a mag. of Flh in 1654, '55, '56, '57, '58, '60, and '63; schout fiscaal of the five Dutch towns in 1661; secretary of Flh and Flds, 1659 to 1661; of Flh, Flds, Brn, and N. U., 1662 to 1665; secretary of Flh in 1671; and auctioneer. Apl. 29, 1688, Catharine his wid. joined the R. D. ch. of N. Y., to which place she appears to have removed. Issue:--Joseph; Hendricus; Jacobus, bp. Mar. 9, 1653, in N. A.; Abraham; Denyse; Isaac; Benjamin; Elizabeth, who m. Apl. 12, 1684, Tobias Ten Eyck; and John. Signed his name "Adriaen Hegeman."
On 7 Mar 1648/49 Adriaen married Catharina MARGITS, in Village of Sloten near Amsterdam, Holland.

Adriaen and Catharina had the following children:
i. Joseph5 (1648-1725)
8 ii. Hendricus (1649-~1710)
iii. Jacobus (1652-~1741)
iv. Denyse (~1655-1702)
v. Abraham (~1660->1714)
vi. Benjamin (~1661->1710)
vii. Elizabeth (~1663-)
viii. John (~1665-)
ix. Isaac5 (1666-~1700)
x. Peter5

17 Catharina MARGITS.  Born on 16 Jan 1627/28 in Amsterdam, Holland, Netherlands. Catharina died in 1690. Immigrated in 1652 to Emmigrated with her husband from Holland in 1652. Her father reportedly was a diamond merchant in Amsterdam. Alias/AKA: Katerina/Katherje/Katherine/Catherine MARGITS.

Her name appears in the baptismal records of the Reformed Dutch Church of New Ansterdam as "Catharina Hegemans."

18 Frans Janse BLOEDTGOEDT. Born in 1635 in Gouda, Zuid Holland, Netherlands. One source says he was probably born in Amsterdam, Noord Holland, Netherlands. Frans Janse died on 29 Dec 1676 in Flushing, Long Island, New York. Alias/AKA: Francis/Frans Janse/Jansen BLOODGOOD/BLOEDTGOEDT.

His will is in the New York Historical Society's Abstracts of Wills, Vol. I, 1665-1707, 1892, p. 40:7
LIBER 1-2.

Whereas FRANCIS BLOODGOOD, late of Flushing, upon Long Island, in his last will left all estate to
[Page 41]
his wife Elizabeth Bloodgood, and made her executrix, which having been proved, is transmitted to the office of Records. And the Constable and overseers having taken security from said Elizabeth," she is confirmed January 13, 167 6/7.

[Page 465]


In the name of God, Amen. I, Francis Bloodgood, being sorely wounded and very weak. I make my wife Elizabeth executor, and she is to dispose of my estate to my children according to their duties and deserts (children not named).

Dated in Flushing on Long Island, December 29, 1676. Witnesses, Henry Taylor, Thomas Willett, John Morton [CORR: for John Morton read John Marton], Charles Bridges.
Frans Janse married Lysbet JANS.

They had the following children:
9 i. Ariaentie (1660-)
ii. William7 (-~1719)

19 Lysbet JANS. Born in 1633 in Gouda, Zuid Holland, Netherlands. Lysbet died in Flushing, Long Island, New York. Alias/AKA: Lysbet/Lysbeth JANS.

20 Dirck Janse VANDER VLIET.5 Born about 1612 in Rylevelt, Holland. Immigrated in 1660 to the Waal in the Netherlands on the Spotted Cow.5 Dirck Janse died on 29 May 1689 in (then Flatbush, now) Brooklyn, Kings County, Long Island, New York. Religion: member of the Reformed Dutch Church in 1677 and deacon in 1680.5

Bergen has the following entry for Dirck Janse in Early Settlers, p. 325:5
Dirck Janse, the common ancestor of the family, emigrated from the Waal in the Netherlands in 1660: b. about 1612; m. 1st, in Europe, Lyntje Aertse; m. 2d, in Europe, Geertje Gerretse. Settled in Flh, where he obtained Nov. 24, 1654, a patent for 25 morgens, as per Col. Man. On ass. rolls of Flh of 1675, '76, and '83; mag. in 1679, '80 and '81; mem. of the R. D. ch. in 1677 and deacon in 1680; on Gov. Andros's patent for the New Lotts of 1677; and took the oath of allegiance in said town in 1687. Jan. 15, 1679-80, he and his w. Geertje made a joint will, which is recorded on p. 95 of Lib. AA of Flh rec. Issue:--Hendrikje Dirckse, m. Jan Nelsie; Jan Dirckse; Hendrick Dirckse; Mary or Margaret Dirckse; Geertruyd Dirckse; and Gerret Dirckse. Signed his name "Dirck Jansen Van der Vliet."
Dirck Janse married Lyntje AERTSE5 in Europe.5

They had the following children:
10 i. Jan Dirckse
ii. Hendrikje Dirckse5 (ca.1649-)
iii. Hendrick Dirckse5

21 Lyntje AERTSE.5 Alias/AKA: Lyntje Aertse Chey.

22 Jan Janse VERKERK. Born in 1628 in probably in Bueer Maetsen, Gelderland Province, Netherlands. Immigrated in 1663 to America from Buren in Gelderland or Buurmelzen with his wife and five children. Jan Janse died after 10 Nov 1688 in Brooklyn, King County, Long Island, New York.

The following entry for Jan Janse is in Bergen's Register of the Early Settlers of Kings County, Long Island New York; p. 3705:
Jan Janse, the common ancestor of the family, emigrated in 1663 from Buren in Gelderland, as per Riker's Newtown, with w. and 5 children; from Buurmelzen (a town on the river Linge near Buren), as per rec. of the m. of his dau. Geertje, and settled in N. U., where he owned large tracts of land; m. Mayke Gisberts; d. 1688. On ass. rolls of N. U. of 1675, '76, '83, and '93; mag. in 1679 and '84; on Dongan's patent of 1686; cen. of 1698; and took the oath of allegiance there in 1687. Will da. Nov. 10, 1688.
In about 1652 Jan Janse married Mayke GISBERTS, probably in Bueer Maetsen, Netherlands.

They had the following children:
i. Roelof Janse5 (1654->1718)
11 ii. Geertje (1655-)
iii. Aert Janse5 (1655-)
iv. Cornelis Janse5 (1661-<1698)
v. Barendje5
vi. Jan Janse5
vii. Barend Janse5
viii. Hendrick Janse5

23 Mayke GISBERTS. Born about 1640 in Holland, Netherlands. Mayke died in 1688 in (then New Utrecht, now) Brooklyn, New York.

24 Lucas Stevense VAN VOORHEES.5  Born in 1650 in the Netherlands.5 Immigrated in 1660 to New Netherlands from the Netherlands with his father.5 Alias/AKA: Signed his name "Luichas Stevensen".5

Lucas Stevense Van Voorhees should not be confused with Lucas Stevensen, a member of the Dutch Reformed Church of New York City at that time.

Lucas did not marry a third time as thought by some (i.e., to Catherine Van Dyk). Note: Bergen has this 3rd supposed marriage.

Lucas Stevense married Catharine Hansen VAN NORSTRAND.5

They had the following children:
12 i. John Lucassen (1675-)
ii. Eldert Lucasse5
iii. Stephen Lucasse5 (~1677-)
iv. Hans Lucasse5 (~1679-)
v. Jannetje Lucasse5 (1681-1758)
vi. Willemtje Lucasse5 (~1683-)
vii. Anna Lucasse5 (1686-)
viii. Catryntje Lucasse5

25 Catharine Hansen VAN NORSTRAND.5 Alias/AKA: Catharine Hansen (Van Noostrand).5
"Catharine Hansen, m. 1st Lucas Stevense (Van Voorhees), (sup.) m. 2d Pieter Lourense Van Boskerk."5
26 Roelof Martensen SCHENCK.3,16  Born on 20 Jun 1619 in Amersfoort, Utrecht, Netherlands. Born about 1630.5 Immigrated on 28 Jun 1650 to the Netherlands, on the ship "de Valckenef" with his brother Jan Martense. Roelof Martensen died in Flatlands, Kings Co., LI, New York aft 4 Sep 1704; he was 85.3 This is the date of his will. Occupation: prominent and wealthy resident of Flatlands; in 1662, '63, and '64 he was a mag. there; in 1665 its representative in the Hempstead convention; in 1685 sheriff of the county; in 1689 and '92 a justice of the peace.3,5 Alias/AKA: Signed his name "Roelof Martensen".5 Alias/AKA: Roelof Martense SCHENCK.16

Annetje Pieterse Wyckoff was his second wife, according to Marguerite H. Allen, The Ancestry and Descendants of Henry and Sarah Thompson Hendricks of Monmouth, Co., New Jersey, 1963:16
Roelof Martense Schenck settled in Nieu Amersfort, afterwards called Flatlands, on Nassau Island, afterward called Long Island, and was prominent where he lived and one of the 6 or 7 wealthiest men on the Island. In 1687 his name appears on the list among those who took the oath of allegiance to the English Government which he subscribed between the 26th and 30th of September; he md. 1st at Flatlands, L.I. in 1660 Neeltje Geretsen van Couwenhove; md. 2nd 1675 Anetje Peterse Wyckoff; md. 3rd Nov. 19, 1688 Catrina Cruiger; he had 10 children, one of whom was named Gerret.
His will is in the New York Historical Society's Abstracts of Wills, Vol. I, 1665-1707, 1892:7
[Page 408]


Page 260.--ROELOFF SCHENCK. In the name of God, Amen. I, Roeloff Schenck, of Flatlands, in Kings County, upon Nassau Island. I leave to my wife Katharine, during her life, all my farm or tenements at Flatlands, where I now live, with the houses, gardens, and orchards. And all in accordance with a certain agreement made between me and my said wife before our marriage, and bearing date November 9, 1688. If my wife should marry then the above bequest is to be null and void. I leave to my loving son Martin Schenck, after the death of my wife, all my houses, lands, meadows, and tenements, within the bounds of Flatlands or elsewhere, and he is to pay the following legacies, viz., to each of my children, Janike, Marytie, John, Garritt, Margaritie, Neltie [CORR: add after Neltie, Mayke Schenck] and Sarah, 64, 10s. each, and the same to the children of my daughter Anake, deceased, Roeloff and Albert. And they are to have all the personal property after my wife's decease. My eldest son Martin shall have for his birthright my negro boy Anthony. I make my son Martin sole executor.

Witnesses, Coert Stevens, Garett Stoothoff, Henry
[Page 409]
Filken. Proved before Lord Cornbury, July 26, 1705.

Military: in 1690 he was capt. of horse5

In 1675 when Roelof Martensen was 55, he married Annetje Pieterse WYCKOFF.5

They had the following children:
i. Margaretta Roelofse5 (1678-)
ii. Neeltje Roelofse5 (1682-1751)
13 iii. Mayken Roelofse (1684-1736)
iv. Sarah Roelofse5 (1685-)

27 Annetje Pieterse WYCKOFF.5  Christened on 27 Nov 1650 in New Amsterdam.5,16 Alias/AKA: Annatie Pieters.5 Alias/AKA: Annetje Pieterse van Wycoff.

Annetje was his second wife.16
"Annetje Pieterse, (sup.) bp. Nov. 27, 1650, in N. A., (sup.) m. Roelif Martense Schenck."5

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